Analogue Photography

the lucky experiment

Today is a lucky day.*

I have got a collection of odd films, amazing model Alexandra and, …a Zeiss Ikon middle format and a Ricoh 135. The films were uncommon or critically expired, so, there were no big expectations about the result. At least, I did my best to convince myself, that I did not have them.¬† It was so difficult to put into the rail a very old film, which was made in a previous epoch and reality, that I became nervous. It was a dangerous moment. Dangerous, because with the film the memory would disappear. The trace of that day, when I used the old film and the old camera and made¬† images of a beautiful model. There would be no visual artefacts, no evidence. I realized how technologies, which became an extension of our memory, made us helpless.

*an exclamation mark has been deleted.