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t took me some years to find a balance between what could be digitised and shown on screens.  My doubts were expressed some years ago when I launched my second personal website in 2013 with only digital works. Since that nothing really changed: we use screens as much as before, and the differences between virtual and real became even less noticeable. Being driven by a desire to talk to the world ( even if my audience is not people, but users), I reconsidered what I can digitise and what kind of art could be experienced through the light photons of the screen.

So, here you could find drawings which convey ideas or concepts, especially these, where the material is less critical. Some scans of my analogue photographs are also there. However, I needed to make a careful selection and choose these, which do not lose or gain their value by being digitised. BlueNoteBook is a category with the pictures of my sketching-writing book, where you can make sense of how works are created.

This website is also for documentation of these work and projects, which are belong to the social media environment. I post them under subcategory. What’s on your mind, Lena? Please check screen-based works on the main menu. Here also you can find some other projects, which are not attached to a specific interface of social media and aimed to be seen on a full screen. Ander category Writings, writings, writings – you can find some of my texts, some are academic, some are reflections or postmortems.  The last category and probably the most frequently updated is a Blog with the posts about great artists, thinkers, scholars etc., who somehow influenced my vision and shaped me as an artist.

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